The world's first device for
non-invasive diagnostics of diabetes,
stomach ulcer and lung cancer.
29 NOVEMBER 2017
About us
ICO Health Monitor is a separate subdivision of the Teplo-Export S.R.O., which is registered in the Czech Republic.
We are offering you an opportunity to invest in the production and installation of vending machines that can detect diseases, such as: diabetes, stomach ulcer, lung cancer.
Our company is a manufacturer of the high-tech analyzing gas device that uses the technology of emission spectroscopy in the visible wavelength range of glow discharge.
We are already selling this device for private use and to companies professionally engaged in vending business.
The goal
The purpose of the project is to collect investments in amount of at least $ 500 000 for the installation of 70 Health Monitor vending machines in the most visited airports and shopping centers of the European Union.

Certification according to the rules of the Eurozone and the manufacturing of the devices will take 12 months. At this time, the best places to host vending Health Monitors will be prepared.

Minimal investment size is $ 30, it equals one Health Monitor token. A total $ 15,000,000 worth of tokens have been issued, which corresponds to 2,100 Health Monitor machines.
Our organization cooperates with well-known scientists and medical institutions that have a long-standing and impeccable reputation. Due to this we cannot accept investments from dubious personalities.
Financial modelling of Health Monitor is projecting the profitability of 200-300% per year
Profit from Health monitor sales will be distributed with the following proportion:

  • 5% Device inventor

  • 25% Health monitor team

  • 70% Investors

The vending Health Monitor project will begin paying dividends to the holders of the tokens quarterly starting from January 2019. Dividends will be paid to any token holder in EHT to his personal wallet.

If you would like to invest directrly to the company after a detailed analysis of investment attractiveness of Health Monitor, we offer an investor to take an official share of the company. We accept investments from $30,000 to become a part of the company.

In modern medicine the problem of timely diagnosis of diseases at an early stages is one of the most acute. In most cases, invasive diagnosis carries a number of disadvantages: the need for direct presence of the patient for examination in the clinic, sometimes expensive service and the need for re-diagnosis, painfulness and the consequences associated with exposure to co-factors such as radiation dose, anesthesia, etc.
Glucometer that doesn't require blood sampling
Health Monitor - the world's first device for non invasive diagnosis of lung cancer, stomach ulcers and diabetes
About Health Monitor
Health Monitor - the world's first device for non invasive diagnosis of lung cancer, stomach ulcers and diabetes.

The operation of the Health Monitor is based on the principle of a marker. In this case the markers are gases exhaled by humans.
Each of the gas connection is the result of the body's malfunctioning or the result of the vital functions of bacteria.
Non-invasive control of the level of sugar in the blood, that excludes capillary blood sampling
This method allows you to implement monitor of the level glucose in the blood and insulin therapy more accurately and effectively without much psychological stress
Unlimited number of analyzes, easy and convenient use with integration into electronic media
More information about Health Monitor
HLC Token

HLC is an eToken created for Health Monitor. The amount of tokens issued will vary from 16,000 to 500,000 depending on the investment amount. The price of the token in ETH will be fixed daily with basic price of $30. Tokens can be sold or exchanged on the market. HLC token is a set of smart contracts, built using Ethereum cryptocurrency network

ICO start
29 November 2017

ICO finish
31 January 2018

Production start
February 2018

Devices installation
September 2018

First dividends
January 2019
$5 – recommended price for a single test.

Daily attendance for shopping center in average – 60 000 people/day.

With a 30 tested people per day (on the average),
the payback period of equipment, taking into account the monitor and the protective case with bill acceptor, will be about 2 months

500-1000 dollars – average tablet computer cost
Vending Business
A cost of a ready-to-use vending machine of this kind, constructed in Czech Republic, with a 13'' touchscreen display is 5570 US dollars.

Business model of Health Monitor is based on creating a vending machines network in EU. The potential customers do not only include medical centers, but also shopping malls, airports and other congregations. Health Monitor vending machine will be in every large airport in EU for any passing by stranger to check his health on diabetes, stomach ulcer and lung cancer symptoms. Therefore, by funding the Health Monitor ICO investor becoming a partner of operating business with ready product, which does not need to be constructed or modified.

About publications
"Detection of a Small Admixture of Acetone in the Exhaled Air for Noninvasive Diagnosis
of Type I Diabetes"

A method for measuring the concentration of a biomarker (acetone in human's breath),
which is based on the use of glow-discharge emission spectroscopy in air is proposed for the purpose
of noninvasive glucose monitoring in diabetes patients' blood. The experimental setup and measure-
ment techniques are described, and preliminary results of clinical trials of the developed system under ambulatory conditions are presented.

The patent for this development was registered in the Russian Federation. «METHOD OF MONITORING ACETONE LOW IMPURITIES IN THE EXPIRED AIR AND DEVICE FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATION» RU 2597943 (C1) 2015-07-15.


Clinical trials of Health monitor were conducted in an independent laboratory in Japan. Measurements were conducted with three types of patients: Type 1 diabetes for about 10 years, early stages of type 1 diabetes, and conditionally healthy patients. The results shows that the breath acetone level measured by Health monitor linearly depends on the amount of the blood glucose concentration of all persons examined. READ MORE
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