frequently asked questions
about device operation / certification
vending / maintenance
Do you have some medical tests or working prototype?
We are already selling this device for private use and to companies professionally engaged in vending business. We already have a working device, more about the principle of work and see the device you can in the video
How does device work?
First of all, our device is a gas analyzer. Health monitor is based on emission spectroscopy in the visible wavelength range of glow discharge. More information about device's work in the video. From 1.24 minutes you will see the device itself and its operation principle.
Do you have a Сertificate of device
Heath Monitor is not a certified medical device and can not replace a medical examination in the clinic. Heath Monitor can not be used by a medical professionals as it is classified as an electrical appliance and is subject to CISPR 24 \ EN 55024 certification.

Heath Monitor is used only for the purpose of preliminary diagnosis of possible diseases and can not diagnose or replace a visit to a professional doctor. If you find any gas in your breath that indicates possible disease, you should immediately go to clinic for an appropriate examination.

Health monitor is an electrical accessory, which is to be used with 12V direct current nominal voltage (inclusive). In case of instrument's failure, voltage (on condition the circuit is broken), multiplied by measured current (which is meant to flow through the circuit with the possible defect) is not more than 15 volt-ampere.
Do the gases in the ambient air affect the operation of the device?
Health monitor is based on emission spectroscopy in the visible wavelength range of glow discharge. The device has a high spectral selectivity.
Application of the signal normalization using discharge parameters can dramatically increase the accuracy of measurement in the patient's breathing
Also, this principle excludes the presence of water vapor and other gases, isolating the necessary spectru
Thus, before each test, a "calibration" occurs. Environmental factors are taken into account, after which the patient is offered to conduct testing.
How does the device measure blood sugar?
The device measures concentration of gases in the exhaled air with an accuracy of 0,01 mg/l, . On FIG. 5 is a plot of blood glucose concentrations from the acetone concentration in the exhaled air of 2 patients and a person not having a disease diabetes. You can see that there is a direct dependence of the indicators of the spectrum of acetone on the blood sugar level in moles per liter. However, Health Monitor can replace the glucometer, after he receives a medical certificate.
Can a Health Monitor replace a glucometer?
Health Monitor can replace the glucometer, after he receives a medical certificate.
Can the device determine that a person was drinking alcohol?
Health Monitor is a gas analyzer. The device measures concentration of gases in the exhaled air with an accuracy of 0,01 mg/l. After drinking alcohol, a spectrum of ethanol will be visible. At this stage, more than 23 spectra of gases are registered.
Does the Health Monitor have contraindications or side effects?
The monitor is constructed of non-toxic materials, sans the ionization radiation. The device is isolated with no impact on the environment, as well as on the vital activity of any organism
Are hygiene rules observed? ( Is there a risk of contracting respiratory diseases? )
The testing procedure is completely hygienic. Each person uses an individual disposable tube-mouthpiece. The very design of the device eliminates the possibility of reverse airflow, so in the epidemiological plan, the testing is absolutely safe.
In addition, the design of the device provides for auto-disinfection.
How Health Monitor shows the probability of cancer?
Metabolism of cancer cells significantly changes and they begin to synthesize a number of volatile organic compounds:

If high concentrations of the above compounds are detected in the exhaled air, then this is an occasion to undergo a full screening involving CT, MRI, and ect.

How does the apparatus diagnose?
Health Monitor can detect gas-markers of diseases with very high accuracy. Then, you go to a doctor and he/she makes a diagnosis.
How many examinations can I do during the day?
The number of examinations during the day is not limited by anything but the work schedule.
Why ICO?
The attraction of funds through crowdfunding gives a more rapid start, which will help to maximize the popularity of this device, because This vending machine can be installed in thousands of number. If investors do not invest in ICO - we will continue to install the devices at their own expense, but not so fast

The business model of the project is successful, and brings a high profitability. The low cost of one text for such a primary diagnosis will give a positive dynamic.The problem of timely diagnosis is always relevant. We hope to help people pay attention to their health, having spent only $ 5
How will dividends be distributed?
The profit from sales of the Health Monitor will be distributed
in the following way:
- 5% creator of the device
- 25% team Health monitor
- 70% Investors
How will the payments be made?
The vending Health Monitor project will begin paying dividends to the holders of the tokens quarterly starting from January 2019. Dividends will be paid to any token holder in ETH to his personal wallet
Is it possible to buy tokens in fiat currencies, is there an investment agreement?
We welcome investors who wish to make an official investment agreement with the link to Euro exchange rate and choice of appropriate method of dividend payment. You can sign the agreement at any stage of the project, even if you are the owner of tokens that are bought on the secondary market (the exchange). In event of a formal investment agreement, the tokens available to the holder will be withdrawn from circulation.

If you would like to invest directrly to the company after a detailed analysis of investment attractiveness of Health Monitor, we offer an investor to take an official share of the company. We accept investments from $30,000 to become a part of the company.
What platform do you use in order to create the tokens?
Ethereum platform.
HLC token also implements ERC20, also known as Standardized Contract API.
ERC20 compatibility ensures that integration with exchanges and other
services will be no harder than for any other Ethereum-based token.
Smart contract guarantee the safety of investment.
How do you plan to install and maintain all vending machines?
There is a many service company who specialize for vending machines and our engineers will change some spare parts if they destroyed. The most spare parts from China and USA. The service life of the device will be more than 10 years
If the device's creator is from Russia, why do not you plan to install Health monitor in Russia?
There are enough places in the European Union to install our vending machine
But to the future, maybe we have a look to Russian market.
Do you plan mass production in future?
We will install vending machines in public places. Their number will grow, depending on the consumer load
Can other people see my results?
The results are personalized and stored digitally. Therefore, they are always available for analysis.
Do I need any more consumables to use Health Monitor?
Health Monitor does not require special consumables except for disposable mouthpieces. Due to modern software, the device is easily integrated into any network and database.
How hard is it to use Health Monitor?
The Health Monitor application allows any user to monitor easily the health. The interface works on all platforms, and synchronizes with accounts on different types of devices.
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