A clear and necessary solution proven by the
classic stock market over the years
In the long term, any investor using cryptocurrencies and tokens faces the risk of a change in the exchange rate or the issuer's default
The solution to this problem has long been found in the classic stock market – namely, the derivatives and CDS (Credit Default Swap)

credit risk assessment is the basis of the investment process; it is used in almost all areas of financial activity
The standard tokens under development (CDST) will be automatically generated for hedging the risks of a sharp change in the exchange rate of the main crypto currency (BTC, ETH) to regular currencies, as well as used as credit-default swaps for any tokens available in turn issued by different companies
CDTS is a fully automatic system based on the most modern algorithms used in classic stock markets for calculating the price of a credit-default swap
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Functions and unique advantages of CDST
Insure investors' risk against the default of token issuer, non-payment of dividends, and non-repurchase
Exclude the risks associated with a sharp change in the cryptocurrency exchange rate when implementing projects
CDST is automatically issued for any period
CDST is generated by user request.
Цена определяется системой в зависимости: от срока, надежности эмитента токенов, анализов обменных курсов и т.д.
The issued CDST will be freely traded in the cryptocurrency market, forming a separate sector and giving its owners and investors an additional source of income
$221 млрд
daily trading volume of TOP-20 of the world's largest stock exchanges
derivatives issued last year by the world's largest stock markets
$125 млрд
cryptocurrency market capitalization
Fund structure
CDST FUND is an investment fund based in Switzerland, created to develop and launch a market for cryptocurrency risk hedging
  • The resources raised by CDST FUND will be used to launch CDST emissions (credit-default swap tokens) and form reserves for automatic payments in the event of insurance events
  • Half of the funds obtained by CDST emission will be automatically sent as payment to CDST FUND investors. The second half of the funds forms reserves for the payment of insurance events
CEO, Владимир Кожевников

In the stock market, there are tools that reflect the cost of credit risk in near real-time mode – they are credit-default swaps.

Their main advantage is that they simultaneously and continuously evaluate hundreds of market participants, taking into account all the fundamental characteristics and information.

The CDS market is an indicator of investor sentiment regarding the credit quality of a financial product.
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